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At Joyful Promises, we understand that not all weddings occur after months of planning. Sometimes special circumstances arise that will prompt a ceremony with very little notice, such as:

  • Unexpected deployment

  • Sudden illness or accident

  • Elopement

If my schedule permits, I am happy to perform such ceremonies in someone's home, in a hospital, or wherever is appropriate for the occasion. Our Short and Sweet Ceremony Package is ideal for these kinds of circumstances.

With at least 24 hours notice, I will even perform the ceremony in my own home. (Just give me time to pick up the day-to-day detritus and spiff up the guest bathroom!) I have a lovely fireplace in the living room, and a more rustic stone fireplace in the family room – either is a perfect setting for exchanging your vows.


Coming Soon

If you're interested in a simple small wedding that's a step above an impersonal courthouse ceremony, where the only decision you have to make is what to wear, look for my Simply Comlete Wedding Package to debut soon!


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