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There's nothing quite as touching as witnessing two people celebrate the years they have been together, and commit once again to the love that will continue to sustain them for the years to come.

Vow renewals typically take place on special milestone anniversaries: the 25th or silver anniversary, or the 50th or golden anniversary, for example. These days couples are even living long enough to celebrate their diamond anniversaries ― 75 years together.

There are other times when renewing one's vows is appropriate, as well. People who have been through a particularly challenging time as a couple and want to reaffirm their commitment to each other may chose a formal renewal of their vows.

Others may choose to renew their vows every decade as a reminder of what they mean to each other as they move through life.

A couple may wish to celebrate their love for each other by renewing their vows after one of them survives a life-threatening illness or accident.

Or it may be that a couple who originally had a small, private civil ceremony now wants to celebrate their marriage with a large celebration that includes family and friends.

Whatever your reason for wanting to renew your marriage vows, I am happy to help you craft a ceremony that celebrates your journey together.



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