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Every theatrical show has at least one dress rehearsal. That's where the show is run as if it were an actual performance in front of an audience. This is to make sure the cast is ready, and all the technical details are checked (lighting, music, entrances and exits, make-up, costumes, and special effects) to see that all are working correctly. It's also one last chance to fix anything that needs to be fixed.

A wedding rehearsal isn't all that different. It's a run-through of a shortened version of the ceremony to make sure that all the "players" know what they're supposed to do, when they're supposed to do it, where they're supposed to be, and what order things are going to take place. It's a practice run to ensure that things go smoothly so that your ceremony isn't marred by anything that's out of place.


Do you need one? That depends.

The more complex your ceremony is, the more likely you need to schedule a rehearsal. That means that if your ceremony includes a large wedding party, additional rituals or traditions, readings and special music, the answer is most definitely "Yes". You want everybody to know the order of how things will progress during your ceremony, who is supposed to do what, and where they're supposed to be when. That's why a rehearsal is included in our Standard Ceremony package.

And the rehearsal doesn't necessarily have to be scheduled the day before the ceremony. In fact, Friday evenings are a prime time for weddings, so scheduling a Friday evening rehearsal for a Saturday wedding isn't always possible. However, other options are usually available, so we can work out a time when it's convenient for all concerned and the venue is available.

On the other hand, if you have a small wedding party and have chosen the Short and Sweet Ceremony package, we can run through the logistics on the phone and/or in the 30 minutes before the ceremony without a formal rehearsal.


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