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I believe the love between two men or two women, who want to make a formal public commitment to each other, should be celebrated. And with the new law adopted in the State of Illinois allowing same-sex couples to now join in civil unions, I am honored to perform those ceremonies.

Or, if you prefer a commitment ceremony without the legal dimension inherent in a civil union, I am happy to perform such a ceremony, as well.

While yours can follow many of the elements of a traditional wedding, the ceremony can also include readings or music that are geared specifically towards what is unique about a same-sex union.

Rituals such as the Unity Candle or Blending of Sands can also be woven into your ceremony.

Visit Other "Joyful Promises" and Additional Rituals for some ideas.

Know what you want to say, but not quite how to say it? I can help craft your vows so that they reflect who you are and the true nature of your relationship with each other.

Together we can make your commitment ceremony or civil union a beautiful celebration of your love.




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